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Madame Alchemy understands how important facial hair is to you fellas, and knows all too well that ladies must live in harmony with it because it’s here to stay. Surely, it is no surprise that the fairer sex prefers gents who are fresh in appearance as well as fragrance. Ladies do not like the smell of grandpa’s old fishing cabin, nor do they aspire to be with a man whose scent can be described as rustic. That being said, why on earth do so many moustache and beard products smell of musk and pine?

It’s time to get fresh, boys. Madame Alchemy’s facial hair potions are ingenious concoctions of all natural ingredients known for enhancing hair health. Products are loaded with vitamins A, B, C and E, all of which are essential for stimulating growth and maintaining healthy facial hair. Minimal ingredients with high concentrations of the "good stuff" are infused with masculine, yet lady-pleasing, aromas. Don’t be mistaken; there is no superfluous scenting going on here. Every component has a specific hair enchanting purpose.

Madame Alchemy uses only the finest ingredients. Products are conjured in small batches to exacting quality standards. The recipes have been tweaked to perfection to meet the vigorous performance expectations of guys while tickling the olfactory fancies of gals. Grow a beard that begs to be touched. Style your stiffy, moustache that is, to perfection. And do it all while smelling dandy.

“I’ll do your face right!” – Madame Alchemy