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Rosemary's Baby

Rosemary’s Baby provides stiff hold and has a herbal astringent-like smell. Olive oil is known for high levels of oleic acid and its nourishing effects on hair. Rosemary is high in vitamin A and promotes hair growth and helps maintain hair color.


Lost In The Woods

Lost In The Woods provides very stiff hold and smells like the great outdoors. Sweet almond oil contains vitamin A, B, and E for healthy hair. Clary sage offers a stress-relieving aroma.


Shiny Happy Vegan

Shiny Happy Vegan provides super stiff hold and smells of fresh citrus. Argan oil is exceptionally nourishing and provides anti-aging benefits. Lemongrass contains vitamin B9, which works together with the other B vitamins to encourage growth and maintenance of healthy hair. 100% vegan ingredients.